Client Testimonials

Don't take my word for it. See what these moms have to say about their experience!


Cheyenne, mother of 3,  Montross Virginia

'' I initially chose Stafford Placenta because of the location. However, the customer service was beyond what I expected. Even during the transition of ownership, my emails, phone calls were always handled in a timely manner and I was put at ease. Even the fact that the previous owner called me to advise me that she was moving and offered a refund if I didn’t feel comfortable not proceeding, spoke volumes of their customer service. I highly respected that she called me personally to discuss the change and ensured that everything would still be handled in the way she had promised...and it was, far beyond my expectations. Jade brought my placenta back to the hospital before I was discharged. I honestly thought it would take 4-5 days, not two!! She came with such a positive, up-beat attitude and bringing us donuts was beyond appreciated!! Her attitude made me so much more comfortable about the whole process. As for the product itself, I was taking one pill twice a day but was extremely weepy. I remember what Jade had told me about building up to the ideal dose, so I upped my dosage and within 24hrs I instantly felt better. My husband even noticed a huge change in my attitude. From that point on, my emotions were very well controlled and no longer felt emotional, weepy, sad or even overwhelmed. I was amazed at how quickly my whole attitude changed when I upped my dosage. My milk supply even increased at this time. I went from feeding my daughter sufficiently, to having extra after she ate that I was able to save 60 oz. the first two weeks and I only pumped after the first morning feeding to fully empty my breasts. I am done having children, but if I were to have more I would absolutely choose placenta encapsulation. I just regret not doing it with my first two!''

"I was referred to Benefits Beyond Birth. Her work ethic and personality really stand out. I had my placenta encapsulated for both of my pregnancies, so I couldn’t tell you if I would have any PPD, but encapsulation definitely helped in a positive way! I took 2 capsules 3 times a day, but found that taking only 2 capsules 2 times a day worked better for me, and then just dwindled down as the weeks went on. And, only 2 times a day, because the pills gave me a lot of energy which was Amazing! I never got PPD or blues really, I did have my moments of crying with all my hormones just releasing but I think that is normal, I say just watch a movie and cry it out lol. I had excellent milk supply and my lo is doing great on the growth chart. Having Jade take care of my placenta encapsulation for my second pregnancy was an amazing experience. She is very professional and such a sweet caring person to work with, before, during, and after having my placenta encapsulated by her."

Ashley, mother of 2, Fort Belvoir, Virginia


Kimberly, mother of 1, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Reviews were great and she was the only local encapsulation service with accreditation. Knowing she had completed courses and certifications sealed the deal for me to choose Benefits Beyond Birth.  Besides the fact that she is so kind and knowledgeable, I truly appreciated the personalized treatment I received. Absolutely, I would definitely recommend Benefits Beyond Birth!"

Gillian, mother of 2, Maryland

"I chose Benefits Beyond Birth because I was impressed with website and he amount of information it provided. Jade delivered my pills 48 hours after delivery. I experienced reduced anxiety, less weepiness, and felt more balanced. What a difference from my last baby. I am very pleased with services Benefits Beyond Birth provided and will recommend to all of my expecting friends."

"Jade was so sweet and accommodating from day one! From the day we found out I was pregnant, we wanted everything to be as natural as humanly possible. This process felt so natural, and it felt like we were on the right track. Having a child is a new beginning for yourself and relationship with your partner. Placental encapsulation gives this new beginning a fresh, natural start and this was exactly what we were hoping for! Placental encapsulation has been truly life changing. Our bodies create this organ specifically for creating life, and we are the only mammals who do not do anything with their placenta postpartum. Clearly there are advantages. Put your judgements aside, and it will be life changing postpartum for you as well."


Jessica, mother of 2 Spotsylvania Virginia

" Jade met all of my needs and expectations very well. Service was excellent and faster than I expected!! Jade answered all my questions completely and intelligently. I began taking my pills the same day I received them. I had more energy, better mood, less weepiness, and healed quicker than my last pregnancy. I am very glad I encapsulated my placenta this time and I strongly urge other moms to try this. I had an amazing experience with Benefits Beyond Birth."

Jaclyn, mother of 2, Spotsylvania, Virginia

Kristina, mother of 2 Quantico, Virginia

"I was new to area and Benefits Beyond Birth came highly recommended. I completely contribute my breast feeding experience and the ease I've had with milk supply to my placental pills! I was also told during pregnancy That I would be at higher risk for postpartum depression, and I haven't experienced any symptoms of postpartum depression at all. I believe encapsulating your placenta is an amazing thing to do for your body."