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Postpartum Confidence!

Moms report:
~ More Energy
~ Quicker Healing
~ Increased Milk Supply
~ Feeling More Balanced
~ Increased Iron Levels
~ Overall Feeling of Happiness
~ More Mentally Alert
~ Help Return Uterus to Pre-Pregnancy State
~ and more.
Many moms who have battled postpartum depression or, the “baby blues”, with a previous pregnancy also report that problem being completely eliminated, thanks to their placenta pills. Skeptics turn into believers once they experience it for themselves. Make this your BEST postpartum with placenta encapsulation.

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You Ate What?!

I remember when I first heard the term placenta encapsulation. I’m sure I got that look on my face – you know the one. Due any day with my fourth baby, I decided to do some research. It Is known some people just cook it and eat it. Placenta steak or patte. Nope, not my forte. Encapsulation is a simple capsule you take just like a multi-vitamin. After reading about the benefits I decided I didn’t have much to lose. I’m so glad I did it! The benefits were definitely noticeable. I had more ENERGY! I was just plain HAPPY! My postpartum bleeding STOPPED in 3 weeks!! I had an ABUNDANT milk supply! I fully intended to do it again if I ever had another baby. 2 years later I did have another baby and I did do it again. It was just as amazing the 2nd time as it was the 1st.

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Placenta encapsulation pills family in Fredericksburg Virginia

“I have had such a difference this postpartum experience compared to my first child. With my first I didn’t do placenta encapsulation and had a horrible postpartum recovery. Not only in my healing process but also my mood. I didn’t have postpartum depression but looking back on it I don’t think I was far from it. Doing the placenta encapsulation this time has helped to keep me more balanced with my mood and overall alertness. I don’t feel like I’ve been stuck in a fog this time. Karyn was kind and enthusiastic about this process as well as knowledgeable of why placenta encapsulation is so beneficial for the mother during her postpartum.
Karyn’s services are extremely worth the cost! The other plus was the amount of products received for the cost compared to other encapsulator’s services. The healing slave was great to use on my newborn son’s dry and cracking skin! Within two days it was already healing!”

Rachael – Mother of 2
Stafford, VA.

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Why choose me?

~ As a mother of 5, I can relate to nearly anything pregnancy or postpartum. I’ve been pregnant or nursing for the last 10 years!
~ I have multiple certifications, with over 150 hours of training, for optimal safety and quality. I keep my studies current with APPA (Association of Placenta Preparation Arts)
~ I continually strive for professional excellence.
~ I REALLY believe in all the BENEFITS your placenta can offer and I truly enjoy helping people.

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I am SO glad I took the plunge and had my placenta encapsulated. Although it weirded me out at first, after researching the benefits (helping to avoid PPD) I decided it was worth the investment. When I stopped taking the pills I noticed a decrease in my energy level. It occurred to me about 5 days later that I wasn’t just tired, I had stopped my pills. From that point forward I used the pills when I knew I would need energy for a busy day. In addition to the energy, I would take the pills during times of higher anxiety. I would highly recommend placenta encapsulation for anyone concerned with lactation also! Karyn seemed very passionate about the art of dealing with placentas. I loved that she was very close to my hospital and would come pick up and drop off everything. We did not need to transport anything during the first few hours postpartum. The turn-around time was very quick and prompt. She answered all of my questions (and I had A LOT of them) through e-mail.

Catherine – Mother of 2
Stafford, VA.

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Placenta encapsulation family in Fredericksburg, Va

Karyn is AMAZING! I enjoyed our email exchanges leading up to my birth. She didn’t mind my excessive questions and provided all of the answers I needed. It was so nice to see Karyn in the hospital. She has great advice and experience. I’m so glad that I chose her for my encapsulation services! I received the tincture, salve, bath bomb, bubble bar, lip balm, umbilical cord keepsake, flavored capsules and placenta print. I absolutely LOVE the salve, lip balm, keepsake, flavored capsules and print. Unfortunately I have yet to try the tincture, bath bomb or bubble bar 🙁 I still use the salve and lip balm every day. The keepsake and print are hanging in a lightbox in my daughter’s room. I’m looking forward to trying the tincture as well as the bomb and bar when I have a moment to myself to enjoy 😉 I am so glad I encapsulated my placenta. I’m not sure what I would’ve been like without them, as this was my first child, but I would never have another without encapsulating my placenta. I never felt tired. I was able to breastfeed right away. And my mood was always positive. I also liked the ability to try the different prep methods. I highly recommend Karyn’s services to everyone with a little one on the way!

Samantha –
Fredericksburg, VA. Mother

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